Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's Almost time to WELCOME them BACK! (Freebie!)

At least, it is for me! We go back to work NEXT week and the students start back on the July 23rd! I cannot even believe it....

------I know I posted early this morning...but I will NOT be able to post tomorrow, so I thought I'd go ahead with this tonight! :) ------

I spent about an hour this morning making their "Welcome" goodie bags. I really like how they turned out and wanted to share them with you guys. I made up a cute little poem to go with the bags.

Just click on the picture above to see it up-close in Google Docs and download it FOR FREE!

I bought clear party favor bags and put a zebra-print bookmark (with a blank side for them to write their name or decorate), a little monkey eraser, a zebra printed buttercream candy, and a couple of packs of Smarties. :)

Ahhhhh.....all done! Now I just have to sit them out at their seats!

After I finished those bags, I had to start prepping more of my lesson plans. We have to turn in our first month's worth of lessons on our first day back...sooooooo....I'm a busy girl!

I'm also working on prepping math centers and literacy centers, as well as some new "fast finishers".

This is a new mini-pack I created to review SUBTRACTION. It has several fun games that you can use in small groups or partner work time. My kiddos love working with dice, and these games will have them having fun and learning! Subtraction is always a harder concept than addition (at least in my experience), so the more practice the kids have, the better!

Right now it's listed on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for only $2 and because these games can be used over and over again, it's well worth it!

BUT...because I love you guys...and because I am EXTREMELY excited to see how close I am to 300 followers, I'm going to give this to the first THREE people to comment for FREE!!! Be sure to let me know what you think! :) I love feedback. You can email me or blog about it! Whichever you prefer!


  1. A month's worth of lesson plans??? Eeeek! That's a ton!
    The zebra stuff looks soo fun!
    Those games look cute!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  2. I love your blog and your TPT stuff.


  3. I would love to have them.

  4. Sandra, Amy, and got it!!! :) I'll email them to you tonight!

    Thanks for commenting.


    1. Yay!!! Thank you. First time winner :) I am very excited.

  5. I can not believe that you are going back to school so early and that you have to turn in one month of lesson plans-wow. I wanted you to know that I really like your little treat bags.

  6. I love the welcome back bags so cute. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I love your welcome bags! I make those also for Meet the Teacher. I use treasure chest goody bags & put a label on them that says, "We will treasure our time together in first grade!" The kids love them! Your students are lucky to have such a great teacher!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Awwww, thank you so much!!!! I like the sound of yours too!!! Very cute play on words!


  8. this is just such a cute freebie and love the goodies =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  9. July 23? A month's worth of lesson plans? I have the shivers! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us

    1. Oh's a new requirement that has been given to us this year. It's VERY daunting, but at least, I will be much more prepared than normal! LOL

  10. I am a new follower! Love all of your ideas! I hope you'll check out my manly kindergarten blog!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  11. I really like your goodie bags! Such a great idea and I know they will love them! You're going back so soon? When do you get out of school?

    Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
    Please join me for my giveaway!

    1. We are on a modified year-round schedule, so we got out May 25th and go back (students) July 23. Teachers go back the 16th. It sounds like a short summer, but we get two weeks for Fall and Spring breaks instead of just one! :)

  12. I love the baggies you made your kiddos!! I may have to steal this idea!!



I love reading your comments! :)

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