Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day and FUN for the FOURTH!

First of all, HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadian friends out there! :) I'm from GA, but my hubby is from Ottawa, so we celebrate both Canada Day and the 4th of July.

In honor of CANADA Day, the hubby and I started our day off with some Tim Horton's Coffee (mailed to us by my in-laws), and pancakes with MAPLE SYRUP straight from Ontario!

Now, in a perfect world, we'd end our night with some poutine and sugar pie, but we live in AZ and that's just hard to come by! we'll settle for a nice cold Labatt Blue! :)

Found this on Google images and of course, the teacher in me LOVES that it's a word jumble! LOL

For those of you who DO NOT celebrate Canada Day(or are like me and party for both), I'm also including some fun things to do for the 4th!!! (ALL VIA Pinterest...of course!)

Put a glow stick in a balloon before you blow it up and then use for a night time party.  :)
Use RED, WHITE, and BLUE balloons and it'll look SUPER festive!

Fourth of July
LOVE this idea, and it looks like it would be easy to include the kids for some fun FAMILY kitchen time!

Fourth of July
This would be great to give kids who are coming over for BBQ's~

OH, and I made another cute sign...FOR FREE of course! You can print it, frame it, and VOILA!!! Instant 4th of July piece!
An original by ME :)

And, if you want to get some ideas for NEXT year (since it's probably too late now)...visit Steve Spangler's site for SCIENCE on THE FOURTH of JULY! 

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