Wednesday, June 20, 2012

VBS and Some Summer FUN ideas!

Anyone else working at VBS or taking your kids?? I remember going when I was younger and having SO much fun....and now, I'm helping teach and working to take kids from room to room and activity to activity. You know, teachers get roped into are asked to help with this type of thing sometimes :)

My daughter is having a blast learning all about TRUSTING GOD, and other than a couple of WILD little boys, it's going really well. The teacher in me is having a hard time biting my tongue with these two boys though! MAN, I feel sorry for whoever gets them for Kindergarten because for the first month or so, I'm guessing they are going to be hard to tame! lol They are just super hyper and in no way interested in listening. WHEW, they are a handful!

I wanted to share with ya'll a couple of fun things that are featured today at Pick Your Plum

It's SUPER SIPPERZ...these really cool straws with connectors and extra tubing....GREAT for keeping kids busy in the summer and it helps them keep their minds active too because they need to work together to figure out how to make the CRAZIEST, most WACKY, USABLE straw! :)

AND.....LASER light RINGS!! Can you say FUN on a Summer's night?!??! I would have loved these as a kid!

ALso....if you haven't heard TEACHABLE MOMENTS is having her 100 FOLLOWER Giveaway!! Click her button below to go enter!

Teachable Moments

Now, I'll leave you with a quote from VBS: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!

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