Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Classroom Transformations!

It's been another BUSY day for me! I can't even tell it's summer around here, other than the HOT, HOT weather because I am even more busy than when I was in school! lol

My hubby and I had a yard sale this morning that went really well, but we were up at the crack of dawn!

Yesterday I did a little more work in my classroom...remember, it's under a huge transformation to the new WILD theme :) Take a look at my newest project:

Turning the back of my bookshelf into a lovely animal print!
I used giraffe print fabric and a staple gun to make the back of the shelf go with the WILD theme of the room!

I've also created a packet of really helpful items to get my classroom organized while keeping with the new theme!!! This packet is full of animal prints and wild animals to help organize the room, but it also has student bookmarks, birthday notes, happy notes home, and more!

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    1. LOL! That made me smile Barbara! I am telling you, it is SO much fun redoing my class! I'm having the best time! :)

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    1. Thanks!!! Got it from a friend. It was leftover fabric from one of her projects :)

      BUT, I have seen some really cool fabrics at Hobby Lobby!

  3. Ahhh!! I love what you did to your bookshelf. I wish I could do that to mine, but they are bolted to the wall. However, I guess I could do that to the sides of it! Thanks for the idea!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. No prob!!! ANd, if you can't staple to it, you can always use velcro tape!


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