Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday Science: FISH FOSSILS

Good MORNING!! Yes, I know it isn't Friday anymore, but this is all about my FRIDAY Science that my class did with me yesterday.

We've been learning all about the ocean and a friend gave me this idea....FISH FOSSILS! I have used leaves and handprints to show what a fossil is before, but NEVER would have thought to use REAL FISH! (Bought from a local fish market....not caught by me) It tied in perfectly with our ocean unit!

This is how my example turned out! I wish I could show you a CLOSE UP because it is amazing. You can see the fin lines, the gill marks, the eye cool! It looked JUST like a fossil outline.

HERE is what I needed for this project:
**Dead fish (we used three different types for comparing)
**Pictures of fossils to show the class
**White construction paper and brown construction paper
**Big pieces of butcher paper, or newspaper, for doing the painting on top of
** A willing parent volunteer or two
**Paint (color is your choice, but the black turned out REALLY great!)

1. Get all materials out and ready.
2. Have students take turns (I had mine in groups and when they weren't painting they were working on something else)
3. Students paint a very light coat of paint directly on top of the fish using a foam brush.
4. Next, help the student lay their white paper on top of the fish and press (DON"T RUB).
5. Peel the paper back, and VOILA!! Instant fossil! :)
6. Students can cut around the fossil and glue it to the brown construction paper so it looks like it is imprinted in a rock.

TIP: Move the fish to a different area after painting to do the pressing...then return the fish to the paint area for the next student. This will prevent extra paint from getting on your fossil. (This is what we learned after the first few kiddos) lol


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  1. Neat activity! Did the kids get excited about using real fish? :)

    Hello Mrs Sykes

    1. Jen,

      As a whole, they thought it was "super cool"...BUT, I did have one little girl who was completely grossed out and asked me to paint hers! LOL

      I thought it was really fun!

  2. I've done that before! But not for a few years and had totally forgotten about it. Isn't it the coolest? The prints look so great!
    Hey! Congrats on 100 :)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs


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