Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spy Spelling! Make SPELLING fun!

Spelling words and spelling practice DO NOT  HAVE TO BE BORING hum-drum activities! There, I said it! I love to change things up in my class and get my students to learn WHILE HAVING FUN!

I just tried out a new game idea with my class last Wednesday, and we played this "game" again today because THEY ASKED FOR IT!!

SO, this is what my SPY SPELLING is all about:

I used our spelling list, but you could use word family words and vocabulary as well. This is totally adaptable. You could even make it LETTERS or NUMBERS for the younger kiddos.

Tell the students your spelling words have been STOLEN and you must turn into spies to find them!

1. Make your word cards (index cards work great, or you can print them out). Each word card should have a # and a word.

2. Give each of your students a paper that has been numbered to correspond to the if you have 10 cards, their paper would be #'d 1-10.

3. Hide the word cards in your can do this before the game, or you can do like me and have the students put their heads down while you quickly hide the cards. (Of course, this is part of their SPY MISSION, so you must tell them it is a SERIOUS offense to peak in the spy world!lol)

4. Turn a lamp on (or two lamps), then turn your classroom lights OFF and tell students " SPIES, LET YOUR MISSION BEGIN!"

5. Let students go hunt the words. I gave my students clipboards, but you could also give them a folder to press on. As they find a word, they must find the # to match it on their paper, then write the word they found and use it in a sentence.

I had a talk with the class before we began and told them we were all going "undercover" to recover our stolen spelling words. We were SPIES and spies are quiet, sneaky, and very smart! During their hunt for the "stolen words" they were so in the SPY ZONE! They had a blast and then when the mission was done, they all said "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" and we went over the sentences they had written.

I wouldn't suggest this for a beginning of the year activity, but my FIRSTIES did great with it last week and this week. We are going to make this a weekly activity from now to the end of the year!

Looking for the STOLEN WORDS!

Spies at WORK!

Do you see a hidden WORD?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lacey! The kids LOVED IT! They begged to do it again this week :)

  2. I do this in my class too! We call it 'Read the Room'. Another version of Read the Room is 'Write the Room'. You put up pictures, instead of words, of words with a spelling pattern that you are working on (or CVC/CVCE words, for example)and have students spell them as they find the pictures. Kids just LOVE this ;)

    All Students Can SHINE

    1. Yes, Valerie, it is a spin-off of the "Read the Room" activity. My kiddos thought that being a "SPY" was just the coolest thing ever, and when I turned the lights off, they were even more excited! So fun!


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