Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oviparous Animals and GIVEAWAY/SALE Reminder!

It's that time of year where chicks are very popular...One of my students brought in her baby chicks to visit my class yesterday. I thought that would be the PERFECT time to introduce the topic of "OVIPAROUS ANIMALS" to my Firsties. It seems like everyone is talking about oviparous animals lately and my students felt super SMART being able to use such a "fancy" word :)

I created a couple of activities to go along with our OVIPAROUS ANIMALS chat.

You can see it At MY TPT STORE HERE!

I also created this really cute HANDS-ON activity to go along with your OVIPAROUS ANIMALS fun!

Here are the step by step pictures:

I used sentence strips for the base and the animal cards, but you could always use cut strips of construction paper too! Other than that, all you need is a stapler and the color pencils/markers/crayons!

Click the SALE picture below to see my store and the sale items: MOST under $2!

See yesterday's post for more info on the sale and how to enter the giveaway! :)

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