Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm BACK with the Oceans Sunlight Zone and Sea Turtles! (freebies too!)

Well, I am feeling MUCH better now! Thank you for all the nice notes and emails! It really meant a lot to me to know that I was missed in the blog world :)

I REALLY missed my little blog! A lot....a lot more than I thought I would! lol

But, I'm back...I'm almost all better....and I have some cute little ocean things to share with ya'll! FYI (hint hint hint)....keep reading until the VERY END for a chance at a little gift!)

My students have been learning all about the SUNNY ZONE (aka shallow zone....aka sunlight and some of the animals that live there. Since this is the zone with the most life, we spend the bulk of our time studying it, but we will move on to the other zones afterwards.

So, this is a cute little craftivity that I made up to give them a visual of the SUNNY ZONE.

And, here are the STEP-BY-Steps:

I used a large sheet of light blue construction paper, and a standard size construction paper in dark blue. I had students fold and cut the smaller sheet in half.

They used this small blue paper to then cut/curve to make waves.

Next, each student was given a yellow circle to cut out and paste on.

Then they were given yellow strips of paper to paste on for the sun's rays.

Then, they got to use some of my EASTER GRASS (CLICK here for more ways to use EASTER GRASS! ) to make their sun really stand out. I printed them each a SUNNY ZONE info card to put on the page.

To finish it up, they had to write the names of animals that you may find in the sunny zone....

Our SUNNY ZONE bulletin board! Right beside our POUT POUT FISHIES :)

For a free copy of our SUNNY ZONE info cards, CLICK HERE!

Now, like I said, we have also been doing a lot of research on SEA TURTLES, and I just think these little guys are ADORABLE!!!! I can't stand to think that they may not be around much longer because they are on the critically endangered list :(
I can't take credit for this idea because it has been around FOR AGES...but I do it every year and they always turn out cute! I usually cut out the arms and legs from green construction paper, but this year I wanted them to look more realistic so I had the kids color a more detailed cut out of the parts.

Sponge painting is ALWAYS fun!

When the cute sea turtles were done, I had students fill out these cute SEA TURTLES CAN/CAN'T cards. :)

Now, I am all about the OCEAN right now, so I thought I'd give a little shout out to some of my OCEAN themed items in my TpT store!

Would you like to have ALL OF THESE for FREE?!?!?! Be the first to comment below and leave your email address! :)

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  1. My son and I are sea turtle fanatics. We enjoy going to a place that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases them. I'm doing a sea theme in Sept. and can't wait to try your sea ideas! Thanks!


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