Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dolphins, Sharks, and Giveaways, OH MY!

WOW, I had the MOST VIEWS EVER yesterday and today on my blog! That makes my heart so happy! It turns out, many of you are very interested in new learning strategies and games for your students. Well, you are in luck because I love sharing new ideas! I'll have a new COMPOUND word activity tomorrow for you and a little freebie.

My class completed this very cute little craft after we read and learned all about dolphins this week.

I had them use construction paper and tissue paper to create pictures of a dolphin in the water. I thought that the tissue paper would give a great "wave" visual and it ended up looking more like moving water than just the construction paper would have. The dolphins were all precut, but everything else was up to them! Turned out really cute!! Then they each wrote down their FAVORITE fact about dolphins to to with their picture. :) I'll be sure to add the bulletin board to my BULLETIN BOARD page (see top).

SPEAKING OF DOLPHINS: I just found out about this amazing VIRTUAL FIELDTRIP opportunity.  The Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys has a Distance Learning Program designed to bring their dolphins into our classroom via a webcam and an educational program tailored to our standards and goals.  For more info, you can visit

I also made a COMPARE/CONTRAST foldable with my kiddos to compare sharks to dolphins and show how they are the same and different. We read a few books about each animal and did some class brainstorming. This is what my class came up with today:

During the next couple of weeks we'll be discussing a few more animals from the sunlight zone and also a few from the twilight zone. Then we'll end our year with a study of Antarctica and penguins! I love these end of the year units.

I also love my end of the year students...these first graders have changed SO much since they first came to me in! Can't believe it... less than 30 school days left! Anyone else think that this last trimester has FLOWN by?

Before I go, I wanted to remind you all of TWO blog friends that I am donating TpT items to for their giveaways:


Make sure you enter both because they each have amazing prizes!

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