Sunday, April 1, 2012

A couple of Websites I HEART!

One of the things I do with my class each week is take them to our school's computer lab. We spend an hour per week working on our typing skills, using Google Maps, typing in WORD, Typing Instructor, KidPix, and more. We are even getting ready to start our class POWERPOINT!! I remember learning this in high school, so it's bizarre to me that my Firsties will be learning the basics this early....craziness!

I wanted to share with you guys a couple of websites (FREE ONES!) that my class uses for various things.

The first website is . Logo

It has the levels divided by grade and for each grade their are literacy, math, and just for fun games and activities. It is great! I teach at a Charter school and we tend to teach one grade level above, so we use a lot of the 2nd grade activities with our First just go see, gauge your group, and figure out which is best. The good thing is that you could let your students go where they fit most! It's a great way to differentiate!

The next site is . THis is a site that lets students create really cool WORD CLOUDS. I have used this for so many different things. Here are a few ideas that you could use the site for:

1. spelling words each week
2. word family brainstorming
3. adjectives
4. nouns
5. verbs
6. science vocabulary
7. theme based vocabulary
8. characters from a book
9. holiday words (ex: Valentines, candy, hearts, love...)

These are just a few suggestions, but both sites are definitely worth taking a look at!

For those of you that entered my 50-FOLLOWER giveaway, I'll be announcing the winner TOMORROW!!!

Night, night!
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  1. Thanks for the links - I have not used - it looks good.
    Another idea for the wordie link it to make a graphic of all your students' names and display it in the classroom. My kidlets thought it was cool.

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