Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Fun with rice and an EPIC fail...really....

I have to say, on days like today when life seems to be a bit overwhelming, I am SO THANKFUL to work with the women that I work with. I am surrounded by caring hearts and comfy shoulders :)

Each week my class focuses on one word family, and this week our word family is -ice words. We always try to fill up our SYLLABLES chart with 1, 2, 3, and 4 or more syllable words using our word family. The 4 or more was extra tricky today for us, but we did get to have a little fun with RICE!!!! Hey, it's an -ice word, so why not?!? lol

My students used colored rice and glue to write out their names after we did our -ice word family work and review. They had a ball and were so proud of their finished work!

And, here's a close up of one:

Now, before I tell you about my absolute, epic, fail....let me show you this absolutely adorable bracelet idea. One of my little Firsties wore this to school yesterday and I thought it was the best idea ever!!! It would be a GREAT spring break activity for your kiddos (I'm going to make one with my 4 year old daughter over our break!).

Check this out:
And now, the part I thought was so stinkin' cool:
It's made out of a bunch of balloons and a rubber band!!!

Like I said, I am definitely trying this with my daughter!!!

Now, who wants to hear of a good idea gone TERRIBLY BAD?!?! If you need to know that someone else does things that don't work too, just keep reading! lol

WELL, we all saw my post last week showing my adorable new TATTLE MONSTER...right? If not, look back to that one! Here is a picture of the little guy above...adorable...yes, I know! LOL

So, I have a class that loves to tattle, but I just don't have the time to listen to 22 students tell me a tattle after every transition, every PE, every Spanish class, every recess...you see where I'm going with this, right?

OK, so in comes the TATTLE MONSTER! I thought that getting this tattle monster would give my students a place to put their tattles that don't involve bullying or someone being hurt and the world would be a peaceful dream....nope, no chance! In fact, I may have actually created MORE tattling students than before! Yes, more! Yesterday afternoon I had 16 tattle slips in it...and today at lunch time I had another 9. By the end of the day, it was up to 13...and what kinds of tattles are they???

Well here are a couple:
"Mrs. C., ******** is breathing to loud."
"********got raced me to get his water bottle."
"When you were at the board, I saw ***********chew on his pencil."

The list goes on and on....so, bottom line, I have learned a big lesson, and this is it: The more focus you put on tattling, the more tattling you will get. At least, that's what I observed in my room the past two days!

Here's to a tattle free night! :)
With Love,

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