Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fire Safety and a new Ocean Themed Roll and Cover!

Happy Saturday!!! What a gorgeous day it is, here in Arizona today! My two kids are both napping and mommy is blogging away next to a window full of sunshine. LOVE THIS!

Yesterday my students had such a fun-filled day! The local Fire Department came by to eat lunch with the First graders at our school, then we all had a chance to see the inside of a fire truck! VERY FUN!!!

I have seen fire trucks before, but never been given a tour of the inside! It was amazing...and the fire fighters were very nice! They shared stories on fire safety, as well as seat belt safety for the kids.

Fire safety is such an important topic for kids, I wanted to share with you these cute FIRE SAFETY POSTERS! I did not create these, but I think they are great and an awesome price! You can check them out at TpT HERE

Now, I'm not sure if it's because the weather has been SO AMAZING, or because my Firsties are getting ready for an Ocean unit, but I have been ALL ABOUT THE BEACH lately. I just created some really cute ROll and Cover Ocean themed math boards. You can see those HERE!
The mini-pack includes 5 OCEAN THEMED boards, and a recording sheet for students...and it's only $1.75~

I'm off for the next two weeks and am so excited because I can finally work on some really fun units that I've been wanting to create for a while be on the lookout!!! :) I'm thinking BEACH MAT MATH games, Pool Safety mini-unit, and some FREEBIES of course!!!

Have a great weekend!
With Love,


  1. Hi Marie - very cute blog and great photo! I'm your newest follower. I found your from TPT. Hey come on by my blog...I'm having a lucky 300 giveaway!
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. Hi Vicky!

    Glad you found me and thanks for following! Be on the lookout for a few freebies next week.

    I'll definitely stop by your blog! :)


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