Monday, March 26, 2012

Common Core and a VERB pack (free maybe?)!

Hello again ya'll! I know I have already posted today, but that was in the wee hours this morning, so I figured it would be ok for one more...right? Plus, there is a little gift for ONE SPECIAL person...keep reading to find out if it's you!

So, teachers returned to work today at my school and students return tomorrow from a two week break. I was refreshed and ready to go today and got quite a bit done in my room...SCORE! Plus, we had some really good staff meetings today that felt productive and just got me excited about getting back into my room. Anyone that has started using the Common Core math standards yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Our school has begun training and will be implementing this next year. The number talks and idea of teaching conceptually verses procedurally, makes me excited. I already do a lot of this in my room, but allowing the children more freedom to find answers in their own unique ways is just so cool to me! SO, thoughts anyone? Do you love it? How are you implementing the common core in your rooms?

Also, I have had several requests for a VERB packet, so here it is! I have a 19 page verb pack that includes:
Verbs Show Action poster
Verbs Are Everywhere (verbs in different places)
I'm Going on a Verb Hunt (circle the verbs)
Verbs from Past and Present
Verb cards and Verb sorting mat for past and present tense
Can you Find the Verbs? Finding verbs in context
Guess that Verb! Act out the VERB (includes 24 verb cards)
Picture This! Write verbs to match pictures
The Verbs went on Vacation! Fill in the blanks
Match the Verbs to the Nouns that make sense
Beach themed writing prompt with verbs to use in it.
May the Best Verb Win! Choose the verbs that make sense.
You can get VERBS on Vacation at my TpT Store HERE
It is $3.00, but for the next TWO DAYS it is on SALE for $2.50!

NOW, if you want this FOR FREE...yes, FREE.....all you have to do is be the FIRST PERSON to leave a comment below saying that you have blogged about this new unit on your own blog. That's it! I'll give ONE away to the FIRST person to blog about it and comment below! :) It's that easy.

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  1. I blogged about it!

  2. You are fast! :) I will email you this Verbs pack tonight!


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