Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Buttons (help!), a new book, and shocking before and after pics!

Ok, let me start by saying that this blog post may be a bit a lot RANDOM. I am slightly ADD anyway, but it may show even more in this post, so bare with me. :)

First of all, I need to let you in on a little secret....pssssssssssssssst! Are you ready? I haven't cleaned or organized my classroom closet ONE TINY BIT in over a year!!!! There, I've said it. It's out there for the world (or my lovely blog followers) to hear and know....I feel slightly embarrassed, slightly ashamed, and to make it worse, I have a picture to share....please don't judge me too harshly. HERE IT IS:

It's times like this when I'm sad that my mom reads my blog! LOL...I can hear her now, and she's right! If I would just organize and clean a little each week, it would NOT get like this. We should all listen to our mother's...right??! Easier said than done in my case.

HOWEVER, here is my big reveal.......I went in to school today (yes, on my SPRING BREAK) and I spent a good 3 hours working on this closet. I purged, I organized, I sanitized, I labeled, and I am very proud to say, it was totally worth the time and effort.

See for yourself: (comments on this would make my heart happy)

Man, even now looking at this picture I feel such a relief. It's like when you come home from a vacation to a clean house...anyone else know that feeling??? That's what I am feeling at this very moment....ahhhhhhhh (patting myself on the back).

Ok, now onto another item of business...told you, today is random! I haven't shown this to you guys yet, and thought it was an idea worth sharing. Everyone has heard of choice boards and think dots by now and most of us use them on a daily basis. This is just another idea for giving students CHOICE in a fun way. Take a look at this lovely piece of art I made:

This is what my students call, our GIANT DICE. I made it by wrapping a gift box with white butcher paper, then coloring the dots to make it a functional dice. Students are allowed to roll this dice two times, then whatever numbers it lands on, they go to those numbers on the CHOICE CARDS sheet (I have the dots on the cards already) and they choose between those two activities. Students aren't too picky with this because it's all up to the roll...sort of a luck of the draw type thing. My kiddos think it's exciting and are always curious as to what they'll roll next time around. 

Here are a couple of different sets of choice cards (one for reading and one for spelling) that you can use if you don't have any or want something different to try! :) I hope you'll follow me if you use any of these ideas.

Again, with a sudden change in subject...I was taking some old clothes that my kids have outgrown to a place nearby that will give you cash or store credit for your items...Kids To Kids. Well, while I was waiting, I was checking out their used book selection and let me tell you I was very impressed! They had lots of books that the students in my class like to read: Flat Stanly, Juni B Jones, Cam Jansen, Geronimo Stilton...and even a wide variety of Science books.

I even found this treasure of a book that I've had my eye on for a's normally about $19 so I haven't bought it....but, as you can see, I got a GREAT DEAL ON IT!

Look Who Lives in the Ocean is such an amazing book. My firsties do a big Ocean study in April and this book will go great with it! It has a poem on each page about ocean animals from each zone, along with a real photo, an illustration, and facts. Awesome find! I'll be looking through their books more often now that I know what great finds they have! SCORE!!! I'm always looking for a bargain!

Now, if I haven't lost you yet, I have a question for my fellow bloggers. I have so many incredible blogs that I follow and I'd love to showcase some of them on my blog. I have tried adding a blog roll and blog list and it is just not happening. The pop up box says "javascript" at the bottom and nothing happens. Any ideas on how I can do this? HELP!

And, speaking of blog rolls, did anyone notice my pretty new button??? It may take me forever, but eventually, I'm going to have this whole blog thing mastered! LOL

I'd love any comments and help!
Thanks ya'll!

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  1. Hi Marie. I think the before and after pictures are great!!!! You did a fabulous job organizing!

  2. great work organizing that closet....We LOVE our Organized Mrs. Cote'!

  3. Wow, you did work hard! I can't wait to see it on Tuesday! Good job. Sweet find on the book too.

  4. LOOKS AWESOME!!! I love organizing!! SO much fun!! Awesome labels too!!

  5. Thanks so much ya'll! I am so proud of this closet! Jen, you will not believe your eyes!

  6. Wow, organizing on Spring Break! That's impressive! But I understand the coming home to a clean house reference. That IS a good feeling! And let me just say I am so jealous of your, not only organized but, huge closet.


    First Grade Hugs and High Fives


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