Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Super Cool Science Gadget and Math Fun :)

Ok, so, two areas that are my absolute FAVORITES to teach are MATH and SCIENCE. This week in my Science/Technology committee meeting, I was introduced to this little gadget!

This is a Digital Microscope that hooks right into your laptop or desktop computer. If you are hooked up with a way to project your images from your computer, you could magnify an object for you students all to see. We tried magnifying a $1 bill and could actually see the patterns in the paper thread! On a more gross note, I also tried magnifying my finger...HOLY HAIR!!!! Good thing you can't see all those little hairs in the normal light of day! LOL

You can check out this gadget on Amazon at

It would be fun just to buy as a cool gift for your SCIENCE minded kiddos! And, it's only about $40...sooooo excited about getting one for my classroom!

On another my Math class we are moving right along with MEASURING! Today the students got to take turns measuring each other. I put them in partners and gave them the tools, then they were off! I was so proud of them. They worked hard and had a great time with their partners!

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