Thursday, February 23, 2012

Science Night Success and a new Freebie!

Each year my school hosts a Science Night where students and parents come in and the students are able to show the parents what we've been learning and doing in our Science time. In my class, each Friday we have Super Scientist/Mad Science time. The most popular station of the night in my room was most definitely the "Jet Balloons" station. This is one of Steve Spangler's activities. We set up two different strings, one at an incline, and one level. Then we used straws and tape to attach balloons and let them go. So fun to watch them glide across the string. Even the parents were getting into it! :)

In Math class, we are continuing our MEASURING unit by talking about Perimeter. This is something that I think is much better taught with manipulatives. In this case, we used math cubes. I had each table build their own rectangle with the blocks...then they had to add up the perimeter. We went back and checked their work afterwards! So fun watching them work together. :) Afterwards, I gave them a worksheet to see if they could carry the skill over to paper...after building their own rectangles, they thought this was super easy! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :)

Freebie of the day????? My class recently measured my son who is 10 months old. You could have your students measure each other, or baby dolls. This page gives a little paragraph on why learning to measure is so important, and students get to pretend they are nurses. Just click HERE. If you decide to download any of my products from my TpT store, I'd love it if you'd rate me and follow me :)

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