Sunday, February 19, 2012

Measuring in the Real World with my Firsties!

My First Graders have been working on MEASURING and the different units of measurement. So far we've covered inches, feet, yards, and centimeters. SO, as a little reward for all of their hard work, and as an awesome "REAL WORLD" application, this Tuesday we will all be pretending we are working in the medical field! Yes, we will be nurses and doctors using measuring on our "patients". Want to know who my model patient is going to be????? Take a look!

When I had my daughter four years ago, my students did this activity with her...they measured the length of her arms, legs, and feet, then the width of her mouth and the circumference of her head. I talked with my Firsties about the use of math outside of the classroom and the importance of measuring babies to check for proper growth! They felt so important after this lesson, and four years later...that is the one math lesson that they tell me they remember the most!

So, now that I have the newest member of my family, 10 month old Ryder, I'm recruiting him to help me out! He'll visit our class for about 30 minutes, then when he leaves, we'll be measuring a baby doll and comparing his measurements to the doll's measurements! This is something new. When we measured my daughter, we then just measured ourselves. I cannot wait to see how this turns out! I know the students will have a blast, but I'll be sure to post an update!

***If you do not have a little one, just measuring a baby doll, and then comparing it to one of your students would also work!***

With Love and Appreciation,

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