Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Measuring Accomplished! :) HANDS on MATH!

Measuring mission ACCOMPLISHED! My students were so excited when I brought in my little guy today! :) They had such a great time "acting" like nurses and taking his measurements. We measured
  • length of his foot
  • length of his leg
  • length of his arm
  • width of his mouth
  • circumference of his head
  • height
THEN, we measured a standard sized "baby doll" and compared the two "patients". :)

Ryder was so mesmerized by everyone, he was the perfect little patient for his mommy's math class. I wasn't surprised at all when he fell asleep on the drive to his sitter!

I'm not sure who I was more proud of...my little 10 month old assistant, or my FANTASTIC first grade nurses!?!

Pictures coming soon! Stay tuned...

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