Friday, February 17, 2012

Have you ever had one of those weeks that seem to drag on by the second? That would be my week! We have been so busy with Valentine's parties, show-and-tell, mad-science, famous Americans, and the regular ins-and-outs of being with First Graders. So many things have happened this week, but I'll start with VALENTINE'S DAY:

In the past years I would have my Valentine's parties for the kiddos at the end of the day...thinking that after pumping them full of sugar and passing out valentines, they'd go home to bounce off their own walls. This year, I thought, "Hey, let's change it up and have the party before lunch!"...What was I thinking???? The party was great, but there was the anticipation leading up to the party, then the sugar high, followed by an abrupt sugar CRASH! You live and you year, I'm thinking a very subdued Valentine's Sundae party will do to end our day in class.

The up-side of things? We had fun making Origami hearts and decorating our own sugar cookies. AND, I was able to use a very cool Conversation Hearts math activity. We had an awesome lesson on graphing with our Conversation Hearts. We counted, graphed, then compared and tallied totals...and of course, ate our manipulatives afterward! :)

Next, came the MOST AMAZING show and tell I have ever encountered. Believe it or not, I had a student bring in an actual Vince Lombardi Trophy from Superbowl 43! "Where did she get it? Is it real?" you may ask...YES! Turns out, my student's father played for the Pittsburg Steelers in 2009 when they won the Superbowl. Even though I'm not a super fan, it defintely spiced up my show and tell.

The last thing I'll share from my week (after all...I don't want everyone to run away on my first week as a blogger) is our MAD SCIENCE experiment. Every Friday my students and I become Mad Scientists! I pose a question and we do our best to make our hypothesis, do a little research, have fun experimenting, and occasionally make messes. Today we did one of Steve Spangler's popular experiments on CLEANING PENNIES. It's a class favorite and it's one I do each year. You can check out more details on the experiment at:

FREEBIE: If you'd like a copy of the student handout that goes along with this experiment, you can get it for free at my store:  I will have it uploaded by tomorrow!

Stay tuned for next week's fun ideas, including a Spring craft idea, Money Practice, and Measuring Activities!
With Love and Appreciation,

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