Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Been a busy week!

Anyone else having a hard time believing it's only Wednesday?!?! Maybe you really do notice an extra day! lol....and I think a few of my kiddos got together today and decided they would use their extra day for evil instead of good! I shouldn't say evil....but they were definitely not on their best behaviors! Makes for a super long Leap Day! But, I'm here now in my blog world, which I am so loving! The love and support that these teachers and bloggers give is amazing. I am loving the support and the new ideas. Thanks to my new followers! It may not seem like much, but I feel like a superstar for having my sweet 10 followers! :) Let's see if I can reach 20 by next weekend!

So, we have been busy in my class learning about several Famous Americans and I wanted to share with you a few student made portraits. You've already seen the Lincolns, so here are Sally Ride, Neil Armstrong, Martin Luther King, and George Washington. The First Grade team at my school all do these and we give students pieces of paper that are specific colors, then ask them to cut out, color, and shape to create these pictures. They are all basically the same, but the uniqueness does shine through...especially with the MLK's! :)

Next, my math class has continued our Measurement Unit and we've been working on CAPACITY. Anyone who has ever tried to explain capacity to 6 and 7 year olds, knows it is a feat in itself. So, something new I tried this year was giving students rice and having each group show a certain amoung: cup, pint, quart, and gallon. Then we colored our rice and students shook their bags. Now we have something they can see and touch and compare for when we are asking if something is more than or less than a cup or pint or gallon...etc...

As a reward for all of their hard work, today I treated my math class to a mixed punch. I brought in sugar free/caffiene free gingerale, pineapple juice, apple juice, and orange sherbert. FIRST we talked about the size of each container...about 2 quarts of sherbert, two liters of gingerale, and 1/2 gallon of each juice....then, we mixed, served, and ENJOYED! YUMMY MATH INTRO!

Tomorrow I'll be talking TEMPERATURE, and we may just find a WOCKET in our POCKET with Dr. Suess! :) Should be fun!

With Love,

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