Monday, February 27, 2012

Abe Lincoln never looked SO GOOD! :)

My First Graders have been learning about Famous Americans, one of which being Abe Lincoln. Today I read them the story, Abe Lincoln's Hat. We talked about how Abe was known for being honest and kind, but also how he was often forgetful and needed to keep notes inside his hat (kind of makes me think I should start wearing a big hat Then, I had the students make a black tall hat with a FACT POCKET on the backside. Next, I gave them different colored paper, scissors, and glue, and asked them to make a nice picture of Abe Lincoln's face. Check a couple of them out!! SO cute...I love how different they are.

I also completed a new PINTEREST project with my Craft Club...and I thought that it turned out fabulous! The kids were so excited to see them today.

Tomorrow my math class will be using rice and different measuring tools to learn all about CAPACITY! It should be fun...and messy! :)

Don't forget to check out TeachersPayTeachers on the 29th for the big LEAP YEAR sale! I'll be offering 20% off and so will lots of other sellers.

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